Pneumatic Fracturing - Environmental Consulting

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Company Services
The following is a brief list of services offered by Pneumatic Fracturing, Inc.:

Directional Injection and/or Fracturing

Pneumatic Fracturing

Pneumatic Dry Media Injection
  •  Proppant injection for sustained fractures
  •  Extended radius wells (ERWs) for free product recovery
  •  Installation of permeable reactive treatment zones or barriers
  •  Materials injected include frac sand, ceramic beads, zero valent iron (ZVI)

Pneumatic Liquid Injection
  •  Emulsified zero valent iron (EZVI)
  •  Nutrients and/or microbes for bioremediation
  •  Chemical oxidation products (i.e., permanganate, persulfate, modified Fenton's)

Fracturing/Injection beneath Structures/Utilities

Real-Time Performance Monitoring for Subsurface Distribution or Mapping

Construction Verification of Distributed Products

Custom Design of Injection Projects

Comprehensive Reporting ("Stand Alone" Report) of Field Activities

Conventional Injection Services

Underground Utility Locating

Project and Construction Management

Underground Storage Tank - Site Investigation/Closure

Phone: 609-975-6400