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How safely can this be applied near buildings or utilities?

Pneumatic Fracturing, Inc. specializes in the application of the technology near structures or utilities. As part of the site evaluation, PFI determines the applicability as it applies to the proximity to existing structure or utilities in addition to potential adverse effects to sensitive machinery for site operations.

As part of the overall scope of work, a baseline structural evaluation is conducted which includes the following steps:
  •  review of available as-built figures;
  •  confirmation of as-builts by a site reconnaissance of the facility;
  •  determination of allowable movement or structural tolerance;
  •  review of injection or fracture point locations;
  •  completion and submission of a baseline report which includes recommendations for structural monitoring during fracturing or injection activities.

Pneumatic Fracturing, Inc. has performed fracturing and injection services at over 70% of our sites with no adverse effect to their structural integrity.

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