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Pneumatic Fracturing

Pneumatic Fracturing
is the injection of gas at high pressure and flow in order to create fractures or fissures in soil or rock matrix. Fractures or fissures occur when the pressure of injected gas exceeds the natural in situ stresses and the flow rate exceeds the natural permeability of the soils. In soil formations, Pneumatic Fracturing enhances the permeability by creating fracture networks; while in rock, the effect is dilation and extension of existing discontinuities; thereby improving the interconnection between existing fractures. The immediate benefit of Pneumatic Fracturing is improved access to subsurface contaminants so that liquids and vapors can be transported and extracted rapidly, which represents a cost savings in the installation and operational phases of a remediation project. Another advantage of Pneumatic Fracturing is that it can be applied within existing remedial systems as an enhancement and beneath or adjacent to existing structures and/or utilities.

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